Ready-To-Wear Jewelry

 Instant Gratification

For The Color Confident Girls

Browse my 3 capsule collections of ready-made gemstone rings, earrings and bracelets.

Gem-studded jewels in hot hues, crafted by hand in an exclusive atelier in Bangkok. Each piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind as each stone has been handpicked and is unique.


The Golden Glow Collection

Represents an exquisite collection of jewelry pieces designed with remarkable golden sapphires: these funky and sultry natural sapphires with their golden sheen are the latest East African discovery.


The Hot Hues Collection

Consists of unique and luscious colored stones only. I’ve mix-and-matched the juiciest color combinations for these jewelry designs, so you can unleash your color. As the stones are already so unconventional, they only needed simple yet striking designs.



The Iconic Beauty Collection


My fine jewelry pieces... Meaning rare gemstones of the finest quality combined with sophisticated craftsmanship to create that subtly glamorous appearance.

 Green Peridot and White Sapphire Ring and Earring Pair

How It Works

Private jewelry viewings and personal consultations - online or offline, depending on where you and I are in the world - to help you find the jewel that expresses your story and ups your style. 

I don't show all my pieces online, contact Eva to explore all of her exciting treasures. Together we'll find the jewel that captures what you're looking for.

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