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How do I know what ring size I’ll need?

To find out your correct ring size, you should either go to a jeweler to get measured or accurately measure (in mm) the interior diameter of a ring you usually wear and which is in the same style of the ring you’re buying.

Then, have a look at the size chart and search for the equivalent Eva Gems & Jewels sizing on the right of the chart. If the measurement of the interior diameter you took results in between sizes, you should select the largest of the two.

In the event that there is a difference between your jeweler’s sizing tools and mine - which is possible as different parts of the world may use different sizing tools - the ring will simply be resized at no cost to you.

I mostly meet customers in person or at a private Gemstone Event. In that case, I’ll take care of the ring size. It’s always a good idea to bring or wear a few of your own gemstone rings that you like to wear.

How can I get information on, or order loose colored gemstones or diamonds?

I search for fine quality, special colored gemstones which I use in my jewelry pieces and which can also be sold ‘loose’, i.e. unset.

I don’t sell any single, loose diamonds. I only use diamonds in jewelry pieces to make the color stones stand out even more or at the request of the customer; these quality diamonds will come from my atelier in Bangkok.

As gemologist, I will assist you during the selection process and will answer any questions you may have regarding loose colored gemstones or diamonds as well. Just contact me here.

Can you turn my own gems or jewelry into something new?

My passion is the hunt for a perfect, rare stone that captures the essence of a private client. Thus, I only use personally sourced stones for which I can ensure the quality, beauty and origin. Unfortunately, I’m unable to work with family heirlooms or old jewelry.

That being said, I’d like to invite you to try something new. I provide a unique hand-in-hand experience that not only makes you a part of the adventure, but makes the final piece (whether for yourself or a loved one) that much more special.

It’s an adventure you'd like to go on.

How long does it take to create a bespoke piece of jewelry?

I’ll need 3 hours of your time over the course of 1 to 3 months. The total time commitment from beginning to end is about 1 to 3 months, depending on the gemstone and the complexity of the jewelry design, but usually less than 3 months.

Special requests, such as covert missions that need to be hidden from your better half, can be handled but need to be assessed on an individual basis.

Do you offer payments plans?

No, I don’t offer any payment plans to buy a loose gemstone or a ready-made jewelry piece. 
However, the custom route is different ( when you choose to buy a stone from me, and want to make a ring or other piece of jewelry with my atelier).
This bespoke process typically starts at $5000 plus the price of the stone(s), and goes up depending on your preferences. 
In this case, I’d like to receive a 50% payment upfront. Upon receipt of this payment, the 1 - 3 month time period will start. 
When your piece is finished, you’ll be notified. And your item will be shipped, once full payment (i.e. the remaining 50%) is received. 

Is there a return policy?

I want you to be completely happy with your order. 
If a ring doesn’t fit, the ring will be resized at no cost to you. 
And if for any reason you are not satisfied with your jewelry piece of loose gemstone, I will accept items for exchange or 100% refund within 15 working days from the delivery date, accompanied by a sales receipt. All returns must include the original packaging and certificates (if any) and must be in the same condition as when it was received. Please note that any item that is returned damaged, used, incomplete or soiled will not be refunded or exchanged, unless defective (see the warranty below). 

Pieces made specifically to commission cannot be returned due to their individual nature and the fact that we’re in contact during the whole creation process.
For more details on how to return, contact Eva

Do you offer a warranty for your jewelry?

The warranty only covers manufacturing faults checked and confirmed by me within 24 months from the date of proof of purchase. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, accidents, accidental events, natural alterations or those deriving from wear or modifications deriving from normal use of the jewel. The warranty shall be rendered invalid for any jewels that have been worked on by unauthorized laboratories and in this case I reserve the right not to carry out any further repairs requested.

In the case of loose gemstones, I personally source and select each stone and they are of fine quality and mostly ‘eye-clean’. 

Some stones however, naturally show certain ‘imperfections’ which are characteristic features of the stone. I will inform you about this and any applicable instructions of care during the purchase process. 
In order to preserve these characteristics or in general the longevity of these precious stones, I recommend avoiding (accidental) blows and contact with solvents

What if I don't live in Europe? Can you meet me in my hometown?

Not a problem! Overseas missions are possible and many of my clients are based outside of the Netherlands… and often outside of Europe.

We’ll have phone calls, Skype sessions and/or email correspondence throughout the process. I’ll show you computer-aided designs (“CAD-design”) or hand-made sketches, and the process will be as seamless as if you were sitting beside me.

If you’d like to meet in person, we can arrange that as well. My gemstone work takes me around the world. Just let me know where you’d like to meet and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

That said, I prefer to meet in the following cities: London, New York, Geneva, or Amsterdam.

My primary goal is to provide you with all the information necessary so that we can effectively work together - openly or in a covert operation hidden from your special one.

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