Custom Jewelry

 Delayed Desire

For those Who Like to be Dressed in bespoke Color Stone jewelry

Turn your unique gemstone into a ravishing piece of jewelry. Handpick a color stone from my gemstone collection and choose from a chic menu of several funky jewelry designs to find the combination that will express and impress…

From head-turning everyday jewelry, to engagement rings and juicy jewelry to celebrate a special day in your life, we’ll create a unique piece for your personal style and collection.

 Sassy Bubble Gum Spinel

Sassy Bubble Gum Spinel

 Luscious Mint Green Tourmaline

Luscious Mint Green Tourmaline

 Aqua - Aqua - Aquamarine

Aqua - Aqua - Aquamarine


How It Works

Private stone viewings and personal consultations - online or in person - to help you turn a stone into a bespoke jewel; handmade to your color wish, design and exact specifications.

I travel a lot and in many instances may be able to meet somewhere in the world - in a beautiful and secure boutique hotel lobby. That being said, I prefer to meet up in London, New York, Geneva or Amsterdam where to I travel regularly.


On Another Note...

Propose with The Dazzling Gem Surprise 

Regarding that special day I mentioned, know that some inventive gentlemen have picked a stone from my collection  - with my help - that expresses their better half to perfection. They proposed to her with a loose stone in their hands… How dashing is that?!

Oh and a win-win situation for both lovers as He only has to pick a fantastic gemstone that will match her style and character, but he doesn’t need to worry about design (which he was always unsure of anyway). While She receives a fine quality, rare colored gemstone and can decide on the actual design of the ring (which she always wanted to have a say in anyway).


Get in touch with Eva to learn more about creating your own jewelry piece. Let’s customise yours!

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