Statement Jewelry Pieces that Tell Your Story!

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You're an exclusive woman.

And… the last thing you want to add to your treasure chest is another piece of boring diamond ‘nice’ jewelry.


You’re looking to take a fearless new path — one that is defined by boldness, adventure, and discovery. 

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As your search has led you here; why not express your point of view in the colorful gemstone revolution, & follow your instincts?

Whether you’re:

…you’re in for an adventure with Eva Gems & Jewels. 


The thrill of a new discovery is addictive.



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With my hands-on experience, you’re in for a revelation that’ll colorfully transform your style.

My aim is to help you stand out from the crowd with rare gemstones that I hunt from around the world.

And right now, finest colored gemstones might just be all you need to awaken your sense of adventure.

The right stone for the right person – opens a whole world of self-expression & discovery.

So, dare to show your true self, no matter the color, and no matter the setting!

 All to Unleash Your Color





Ready-to-Wear Jewelry

Take a peek into my collection of unique ready-to-wear gemstone rings, earrings, and bracelets. 

Custom Jewelry

For yourself or for that special day, choose a rare gemstone and one of my designed jewelry settings. 

Gemstone Events

From a learning experience to a chic trunk show, create an unforgettable experience for your clients.


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Hit play on the video above to join me on my adventure in the heart of Bangkok, the world's trade hub for colored gemstones. More about Eva...

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