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I travel the world sourcing unique color gemstones and meeting the women and their men that desire them. You will find me most often in New York or London where we can meet in the lobby of a cool, chic hotel and I can show you some gemstones, jewelry and custom designs. Or I can meet you wherever is most comfortable, even in your office or home if that suits.

I don't show all my pieces online, so even if you haven't seen your perfect match yet, I can help you find it!

You can reach me on:

+31 6222 08860 (temporary US no: 917 498 4654)


Nothing is quite as delicious as indulging a craving. 

If you crave something fun, exciting, and an unforgettable experience to carry with you, contact me direct by phone or email and let's talk stones!

Something special awaits.


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