Ultimately Urban Jungle Peridot

Create your own sparkling path through the concrete city


Trying to pave your way through this exciting urban jungle? Better wear some ultra-desirable (and soothing😉) green gemstones while you’re at it. Pair it with chic green metallic trousers for your meeting with drinks, or if you need to make an impact later at night, wear that green satin asymmetric halter dress: you’ll leave your own glittering trail on your urban conquest...

 Gemstone Adventures In New York City

Let me tell you how this ring reminds me of my New York adventure and some styling tips on what to wear it with! Love this ring? Also check out the set with earrings in the Iconic Beauty Collection.

Stone: 1.84ct Oval Peridot as center stone and small white-greenish Sapphires around it (0.13ct) set in 18K yellow gold.

Date Created: Spring - Summer 2017

Place of Creation: One-of-a-kind piece that was hand-made in Bangkok in a small Thai-European atelier in Bangkok’s gem district.

"Summer is a great time to visit art museums, which offer the refreshing rinse of swimming pools - only instead of cool water, you immerse yourself in art.”

Jerry Saltz, senior art critic New York Magazine

Day 1: 'Hi...I’m looking for a grabbing tool to grab this... thing out of this... hole?'

Hard to describe the faces of the two big men working at Lowe’s (American DIY store).

‘You see, I’m into jewelry and dropped an earring while taking some pictures yesterday on the High Line with a friend. It fell into this deep, narrow crack! I need that earring back, super special stones… I was told you might have some miracle tool. So, here I am!’

[With wink] 'Sure hon, follow me’.

20 interesting minutes later peeking into this crack with my face on the ground… I got it out! More importantly, the stones look amazing still. The ultimate stone cracking test!

Day 2: A few days later, while visiting the Whitney Museum in New York, there was a Calder exhibition going on, fantastic American sculptor. He became well-known for his moving pieces - ‘mobiles’ -  a type of moving sculpture made with delicately balanced metal pieces that move when touched or in response to air currents. He wanted to find a way to make abstract color move through space. The green object I saw there reminded me of the Peridot, green ring.

The Discovery: Color stones are also like color flashes moving through space. They sparkle even more when WE move. Perhaps everything sparkles more when we move. When we create the situations and results. So, especially for those ‘movers’, this green gemstone ring may just help you a little in staying on your glistening course! ✨

  The fashion images in this collage were created in  Polyvore

The fashion images in this collage were created in Polyvore


How will you style  it?

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