Valentine’s Day: Object of Desire

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Looking for unforgettable memories shared by just the two of you? 
Get a thrilling gift that reveals your sparkle.

Valentine’s Day is right here. 

Drawing a blank about gifts you can get even at this last minute?

Not to worry.

Last minute gifts tend to be the most dazzling anyway ;).

Especially when it’s a surprise of color and style, ready to stun. 

Yep, I mean fine, color gemstone jewelry. In the form of a  custom piece that is...

We just need to look for the right piece of jewelry that suits your or your Valentine’s style and personality -- the one that expresses your story, where you’re from and... where you’re headed!

There is a chameleon-like beauty that shines through your life, whether it be in love, career, fashion or friendship. 
A custom-made piece expresses your color. 

A route you could take is to go for a deep intense blue stone, like a rare blue sapphire, and then create your own piece with it. Just like I did with this customer.

The steps taken:

  1. We sit down to go through your, or your beloved’s colors. What suits your hair and skin tone, your eyes and style? 
  2. We decide on a stone from my collection.
  3. You choose one of my ring or earring model designs or we make a whole new design tailored to you.
  4. We start your creation in my French-owned atelier in Bangkok. This can take up to 60 days depending on the design.

Now, discover this breathtaking sparkle that was the end result of that dialogue!

Blue Sapphire Gemstone+setting

The Chosen Stone...

We tried different ring settings and ultimately, this was not the design she chose. You can see the final bespoke creation below.

Eva gems & jewels - Blue sappphire gemstone ring.jpeg

The Final Ring...

Thrilling blue Sapphire ring for even the most discerning woman.

We decided on a fine quality 5ct+ blue sapphire from Sri Lanka. This stone took me 6 months to find as we wanted a deep, good blue color, as clean as possible inside, without heat treatment and with an excellent cut. Very, very hard to find.

These stones are simply that rare in nature. Once I found the stone, we set it in 18k white gold with diamonds twisted all around… 

Unsurprisingly, blue sapphire gemstones have been associated with romance and royalty for centuries. So, this ring will certainly set the scene for you and your better half ;). 

A perfect combination of color & style to celebrate your romance and revel in the adventure of colored gemstones.

Here you can read more about gemstone alternatives to a diamond engagement ring. 

Memories are created on this day. Make it an unforgettable story. This stunning rare blue sapphire ring is an example of what that could look like. 

Your color and style may be different. Your creation may have a different feel.

You deserve a stone for your story. 

 All images in this mood-board are from  Net-a-Porter .

All images in this mood-board are from Net-a-Porter.

Curious to create your own one-of-a-kind ring that expresses your story? 

Ask Eva.

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